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Utility Billing

Important Billing Information

Due Date: All current bills are due by the due date listed on the front of your utility bill. If the bill is not paid by the due date listed on the front of the bill an automatic 10% late charge will be added to the past due balance and the total balance becomes due and payable. If a past due amount is shown on the bill, the full amount due must be paid or service will be disconnected without further notice. Additional charges will apply for restoration of service and any other costs incurred. 

Schedule of fees (after due date):

  • 1st day: past due amount plus current amount must be paid in full.
  • Day of cut off: balance in full plus a $50.00 service charge must be paid.

If Water Service Has Been Disconnected: Service will be restored between 8:45 AM and 5:00 PM; Monday through Friday. Payments received after 4:30 PM will be restored the next business day.

Service Charge for Sewer Blockages: In the event of blockage in customers’ sewer line, the customer must first contact a plumber. If the City is called to respond and finds a blockage in customers’ sewer line, a service charge of $250.00 will be charged and is due and payable at time of services.

Tampering of Water Meter: Any unauthorized persons tampering with a water meter; which is declared unlawful, will incur, in addition to any deposits, a minimum fee of $100.00 (plus the cost of meter and related expenses, if damaged). (Code 1976, 14-28)

Customer Service Hours:

8:45 AM to 4:45 PM
City of Austell Water System
(770) 944-4300

After Hours Emergency Customer Service: (770) 944-4320

Return Check Fee: $25.00

Automatic Bank Draft: Offered as an alternative way to pay your water bill, customers may sign up for monthly automatic bank drafts. An authorization form may be completed at Austell City Hall.

Online Bill Payment: The City of Austell is pleased to offer online bill payment. * If you would like to make an online payment, but you do not have your account or pin number available, please email and provide the address.



If you feel you have received a bill in error or another legitimate reason for not paying your bill, you must notify the City of Austell of their position in person or in writing as soon as possible.