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Public Works FAQs

Where does my drinking water come from?

The source of the City of Austell's drinking water comes from the Chattahoochee River and Lake Allatoona.

Is my water safe to drink?

Absolutely! The City of Austell meets or exceeds all safety and quality standards set by the State of Georgia and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Download the latest Annual Water Quality Report

Are monitoring and testing results of drinking water available to the public?

Yes. A water quality report with detailed data of all the monitoring and testing results are provided to the public. You may view the latest annual water quality report here.

Download the latest Annual Water Quality Report

I have a "blue poly" pope from the meter to the house and I had a leak. Where can I find information regarding getting reimbursed fro my plumbing cost?

To learn more, visit the official Polybutylene Pipe Settlement Fund website at They can also be reached by calling (800) 356-3496. Homes built between January 1, 1978 and July 31, 1995 are eligible for assistance.

What is the process for obtaining a land disturbance permit?

Submit five sets of complete site plans and two copies of the hydrological report. The review fee is due at the time you submit your plans. Please contact (770) 944-4325 or to determine your review fee. Comments are generated within two weeks. Once site plans are approved a land disturbance permit may be issued. Generally, the processing time for a permit is 45 days.