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Grease Management

Not only is grease bad for your health, it is terrible for your plumbing.  Fats, oil, and grease washed down your kitchen sink end up sticking to the walls of your plumbing.  Over time, fats, oil, and grease buildup in pipes can lead to sewage spills in your home, roadways, or in nearby streams. 

What Can You Do?

  • Never pour anything high in fat down the sink:  meat, cooking oil, marinades, dairy products, or dressings.
  • Use a sink strainer instead of a garbage disposal.  Food particles, even small ones, can clog pipes.

Keeping your pipes and our rivers clean is easy!

Pour:  Allow fats, oil, and grease to completely cool.  Pour any liquids into a sealable, disposable container and place in trash.

Scrape:  Use a spatula or a similar utensil to scrape any solid fats and food particles into the trash.

Dry Wipe:  Use a paper towel to dry wipe any remaining fats, oil, and grease residue into the trash.  Place used paper towels in trash.

Use a Sink Strainer:  Use a sink strainer to catch any food particles that may be left on dishware and place in trash.