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Street Maintenance

The Street Maintenance Division is responsible for all activities related to street maintenance including street repair, sidewalk repair, traffic painting, sign maintenance, and right-of-way maintenance.

Street repair includes the patching of potholes, water and sewer street cuts, and other damaged areas of City streets and alleys. Large projects such as curb to curb resurfacing are done by private contractors. Sidewalk repair includes repairs done by City staff and private contractors.

The Division is also responsible for maintenance of street signs and pavement markings. These signs and pavement markings are a critical part of the City's traffic control system. Our goal is to re-stripe pavement markings, such as stop bars and cross walks, every two years

Potholes in the street can be caused by many different things, including simple water that get under the pavement and causes it to sink a little, causing a pothole to form. Is there a pothole in your neighborhood? Let us know about it and we will get it repaired just as soon as possible.

For further information please contact the Austell Public Works at (770) 944-4325, option 4, or send us a service request.

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