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New Resident Information

Welcome to the City of Austell! We are glad that you chose to make your home here along with 6,700 other residents. This page is designed to help you find information on the services we provide, local schools, utilities, public safety, recreation, and recycling.

Government Services

Parks and Recreation

The provision of adequate opportunities to participate in a broad range of leisure activities is an essential ingredient of life in an urban area such as Austell. Outlets for organized sports, places where one can simply relax and open space that adds definition to the urban environment are each important components of such a system. In rapidly growing, densely populated urban areas, preserving space for leisure activities has become increasingly important. Local governments continually face a challenge to provide and maintain a recreational system meeting the demands of its users. Austell has developed a park system that balances programmed and federal parks available for use by Austell residents in the region

Click here to learn more about our parks. Chances are, you will find one within a short distance of your neighborhood!

Public Works

The Austell Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining streets and providing water for our city. Each of these services heavily impacts the total quality of life for our citizens, and each is significant to the balance of our City’s infrastructure.

Public Works provides a bi-annual collection service, weekly limb and leaf collection, and a variety of other services at no charge to our residents. In addition, we encourage all residents to participate in our mandatory recycling program for a small monthly fee.

To learn more about the services Public Works provide, click here to go to the departments page.

Police and 911 Services

The Austell Police Department is charged with the responsibility of serving and safeguarding the residents, businesses and visitors within our city limits. Guided by City Ordinances enacted by the Mayor and Council, laws of the State of Georgia and the Constitution of the United States, the Police Department quickly responds to calls to protect lives and property.

Fire and Emergency Services

The City of Austell maintains an independent Fire Department to provide a rapid response in case of fire or emergency for its 6,000 citizens and businesses. Our Fire Department is noted for having one of the fastest response times in the state, and because of their commitment, the City of Austell has an Insurance Service Organization (ISO) rating of 4 which reduces insurance premiums for residential and business property.

City Taxes

If you own, occupy and claim your home as your legal residence on January 1 you are eligible for a Homestead Exemption. In addition, the Governor’s Tax Credit is automatically applied to homestead property for an additional reduction up to $229.04, depending on your tax district and other exemptions you receive. Additional exemptions are available to those who meet legal criteria. You may apply for exemptions year-round with the City of Austell Property Tax office; however, your application must be received or postmarked by March 1 to receive the exemption for that tax year. Applications not filed by the deadline constitute a waiver of the exemption for that year. All exemptions must be applied for by mail or in person. Please contact City Hall at (770) 944-4300 for further assistance for the following exemptions:

  • Homestead Exemption
  • School Tax Exemption (age 62 on January 1)
  • Disability Exemption (100% disability with $12,000 income limitation)
  • State Veteran’s Disability Exemption (service connected disability)
  • Surviving Spouse Exemption (un-remarried spouse of veteran)
  • State Senior Citizen’s Homestead Exemption (age 65 with $10,000 income limitation)

Water and Wastewater Services

Water and wastewater services are provided to residents within the City limits (and to a small portion outside the City limits). To establish water service, a $75.00 deposit is required along with a copy of your lease or rental agreement, and picture identification. To establish service, please contact City Hall at (770) 944-4300.


Cobb County School System

The following documents are required for enrollment in Cobb County schools:

  • Proof of residency
  • Certified birth certificate from your state department of vital statistics
  • Immunization records on Georgia state forms
  • Vision, hearing and dental screening records from a family physician or local health clinic.


Please contact Cobb Public Health at (770) 514-2300.

Other Utilities


Austell Gas System - (770) 948-1841