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Septic Tanks

Septic Tank Maintenance

It is the responsibility of the home or business owner to maintain, repair, or replace all components of the septic system. Failing to complete some simple, but important, maintenance steps can result in system failure and expensive repairs along with public health and stormwater pollution problems. Maintaining this vital system is important for all these reasons. We have provided the following resources in an attempt to assist you in maintaining your septic system. Please make use of these materials and if you have any questions contact Cobb County Environmental Health at (770) 435-7815 or visit their website.

How To Determine If You Have a Septic Tank

There are two common methods of waste water disposal in the City of Austell. The first is to discharge to the sanitary sewer. If you use the sanitary sewer you will be assessed a sewer charge on your utility bill. This charge helps pay the costs of operating this system. The second method is to discharge waste water to a septic system. Because these are privately owned systems the City of Austell does not levy a charge for their operation.

A simple way to check on which method you use for waste water disposal is to check your utility bill from the City of Austell. If you are assessed a sewer use charge on your utility bill, there will be a separate line item title sewer.

Septic Tank Maintenance Record

We are required to educate homeowners and businesses that have a septic system.

Following are septic system guides for protecting your septic system as well as a maintenance record for you to record maintenance activities. Become familiar with and follow recommendations in the guide and on the maintenance record; in particular, the “Do Not Flush” and “Do and Do Not” sections.

Thank you for helping us in maintaining a safe environment!

Protecting Your Water and Septic System

Homeowner's Septic System Guide and Maintenance Record File

Septic Tank Maintenance Record