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Fire Hydrant Meter Rental

Fire hydrant meters are rented to commercial agencies to wash down large areas.

Rental rates and fees are as follows, effective January 1, 2022:

Hydrant Meter Deposit: $800.00
Daily Hydrant Meter Rental Fee: $5.00

2022 Rates
Effective January 1, 2022

Inside City

First 2,000 gallons (minimum bill) $11.82
2,001 gallons to 7,000 gallons (per 1,000 gallons) $ 5.02
7,001 gallons to 15,000 gallons (per 1,000 gallons) $ 5.76
15,001 gallons and above (per 1,000 gallons) $ 7.99

Outside City

First 2,000 gallons (minimum bill) $12.41
2,001 gallons to 7,000 gallons (per 1,000 gallons) $ 5.31
7,001 gallons to 15,000 gallons (per 1,000 gallons) $ 6.13
15,001 gallons and above (per 1,000 gallons) $ 8.57


Section 46-41. - Illegal use of water and sewer services.

It is a misdemeanor to make any unauthorized water or sewer connection or to obtain or attempt to obtain unauthorized water or sewer services, including unauthorized use of fire hydrants. Upon conviction, the court may impose, in addition to a minimum fine of $200.00, restitution in an amount equal to the cost of water or sewer services illegally obtained.

(Code 1976, § 6-2014; Code 1985, § 14-35; Ord. of 7-12-1999, § 2)

Damage or tampering with City property

  • Damage to any City property shall be charged to the property owner or another individual as may be appropriate at the full cost of repair, including overhead costs in addition to a penalty not to exceed $1,000.00 per occurrence per day as determined by the Public Works Director or his designated agent.
  • If equipment has been damaged or tampered with, including but not limited to taking water without authorization or without having a hydrant meter installed, the party responsible for the damage, tampering or withdrawal may be charged for the damages caused and for the estimated water and sanitary services utilized and shall also pay a penalty or surcharge as determined by the Public Works Director but not to exceed $1,000.00 per occurrence per day. Each such action and incident of damage, tampering or withdrawal, shall constitute a separate offense.
  • The above charges do not preclude the City from levying other charges or taking legal action as deemed appropriate, including injunctive relief.

The cost of repair work to damaged water lines and appurtenances shall be charged to the party(s) causing the damage. If City employees make the repairs, the charge shall be $250.00 per hour or $100.00 per person which ever is appropriate. If the repair is performed by a contractor hired by the City, the charge for the repair submitted to the City plus 15% shall be levied against the party(s) causing the damage excluding any fines imposed by the City.

Fire Hydrant Meter/Rental Procedures:

Whereas, Contractor desires that the referenced fire hydrant meter be made available for the sole purpose of obtaining water service from City fire hydrants.

In consideration of the mutual agreement and promises contained herein, Contractor agrees as follows:

1. The Contractor shall have sole responsibility and risk of loss for said meter and liability for any damages thereto.

2. The Contractor shall comply with all regulations and requirements regarding rental and use of meter, including but not limited to the following:

a. Contractor’s permits EXPIRES NINETY (90) DAYS AFTER INITIAL RENTAL. Contractor will have to BRING THE METER IN FOR A READING, to obtain a new permit. A $800.00 deposit is required on all permits.

b. The fire hydrant meter/key can only be used by the named permittee at the time of rental.

It is unlawful for anyone other than the permittee to have a fire hydrant meter/key in their possession. The Contractor cannot authorize any subcontractor to use the meter/key. If an inspector of the Austell Public Works determines a violation has occurred, the meter/key will be confiscated and the deposit will be forfeited.

c. Persons with permits are to use only the issued hydrant meter/key. Any other device will be confiscated and the deposit will be forfeited.

d. If the meter/key is lost, contact the Austell Public Works at (770) 944-4325 as soon as possible. We will replace them at cost to the Contractor. LOST KEY - $100.00, LOST METER - $800.00.

e. The permit for the hydrant use should be visibly displayed at the location where the hydrant is being used. When there are several hydrants at one construction site, only one hydrant meter/key is needed (size of site and companies considered). It should be stated clearly on the permit when there are several hydrants and only the permitted meter/key can be used. Exceptions to this must be cleared through the Austell Public Works

f. Austell Public Works should be notified when location substantially changes for hydrant use. A new permit will have to be obtained.

g. Contractor is responsible for DAMAGES to HYDRANT, METER or KEY, plus 10% service fee. Contractor should contact the Austell Public Works immediately if the hydrant is damaged before of after use.

h. ALL WATER TRUCKS, TANKS, CONTAINERS, ETC. must be inspected by an inspector or cross connection team before water from the City of Austell System is put into the container.

i. Hydrant must be closed and opened slowly to prevent water hammer and damage of water lines. Fire hydrants are to be opened no less than eight (8) turns to let weep holes close and to keep dirt from being washed away at bottom of fire hydrant(s).

j. The fire hydrant key is for the use with only a specific meter. If the inspector finds a violation of this regulation, use of services will be SUSPENDED and use could be subject to a minimum fine of $300.00. Meter and key are subject to being CONFISCATED by the Austell Public Works.

k. If you are keeping the meter more than one (1) month, it is very important to call in your reading on the first (1st) working day of the month. This insures that you get an accurate bill. Not calling the office will result in an estimated billing. You will be billed monthly for the water usage and the rental fee of $5.00 per day of the hydrant meter.

l. The amount you owe on the final bill will be deducted from the deposit, unless your bill is current and paid in full at the time of the return of the meter/key.

3. The Contractor agrees that the rates and fees in effect at the time of meter return shall be used to calculate amount due from meter rental and water consumption. The initial security deposit for this meter will be held until meter is returned. Upon return, all applicable rates and fees will be calculated and deducted from the deposit. The meter shall be returned to the City each month for inspection.

4. The schedule of rates and fees are on record in the office of the Austell Public Works.

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