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Leaf and Limb Collection

Austell Public Works provides pick-up of leaf and limbs to all residents in City of Austell at no charge. By diverting and mulching leaf and limb material, we are meeting the requirements set forth by the State of Georgia in 1996, which states that no yard waste may be disposed of in landfills, thereby saving valuable space.

Yard waste shall be collected in the following manner:

  • Branch, limb, and shrubbery piles shall be neatly stacked parallel to the street on the resident's property next to the curb for collection by the City of Austell.
  • Leaf and limbs shall be separated and not mixed with each other.
  • The City of Austell shall not collect yard waste transported from locations other than the point of collection.
  • The Public Works Director may limit the amount of yard waste collected at any one location.
  • Crews and equipment used in the collection of yard waste often leave behind small debris which is the responsibility of the resident to clean up.

Special Wastes and Collection of Dead Animals

  • Austell Public Works shall not be responsible for the collection or disposal of any dangerous or hazardous materials.
  • No special wastes shall be placed with garbage, bulk waste, or other wastes.
  • Austell Public Works is not responsible for removal and disposal of dead animals from private property.

To find your collection day for limb and leaf, call (770) 944-4325 option 4.