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Report Polluters!

If you see someone dumping pollutants into the street, down a drain or into a waterway, report them. Reporting the impairment of our rivers, lakes and streams can help reduce pollutants that can be controlled.

The public is encouraged to report waste hot spots, spills, clogged catch basins, illegal dumping, and illicit connections or discharges into the streets or storm drain system. "Hot spots" are areas of potential contaminants that could wash down a storm drain and into a stream when it rains. Clogged catch basins can allow for localized flooding and possible infestation of vermin. Illegal dumping can allow toxic chemicals to enter our waterways. Illegal dumping is the dumping of anything other than rainwater down a storm drain. Illicit connections refers to any connection to the storm drain system that is not permitted or any legitimate connection that is used for illegal discharge.

Illicit connections may be carried by a makeshift pipe, hose or man-made conveyance that is connected to a storm drain or to internal pipes that flow into storm drains.

Call 911 in case of an emergency spill. Austell Fire and Emergency Services will be dispatched to the scene in time to control a spill. Use good judgment in reporting spills to emergency officials.

To report a spill, contact Austell Public Works at (770) 944-4325, option 4.